How to backup your Evernote notes regularly

So you've saved a lot of notes into Evernote and you're wondering how to back them up in case something goes horribly wrong. Some might call you paranoid, but a glitch in a client update could wipe out your notes (and because Evernote syncs to the cloud it would wipe out all your notes in the cloud too). So how can you backup your data?

SurfacePro – Enabling F-keys by default on touch/type keyboards

If you use a lot of keyboard shortcuts then will have already discovered that, by default, the F-keys on the touch/type keyboards are mapped to "helpful" shortcuts such as volume up/down and search. Rejoice however, as there is a simple solution to make the keys act as proper F-keys again without the need to hold down the Fn key.

Finding, filtering or labeling receipts in GMail

Here's a very search tip to help identify all the receipts and order details for products and services in your GMail account. Simply enter the following and hit search:

subject:(order OR booking OR receipt OR cancellation) -unsubscribe

You can take this one step further by creating a Filter / Rule which will automatically label the emails to give you a visible indication in your inbox. Read more in the full article.

WordPress Gallery tips

WordPress galleries are a great way to display a sequence of screenshots as part of a tutorial, however there are times when you want more control over which images are displayed than can be achieved with the Gallery settings dialog box.

This post describes how to specify exactly which images are displayed in a gallery, or how to exclude specific images from being displayed.

WordPress info/warning/error boxes

In a number of posts I use some custom CSS styles to highlight sections of the text containing related information, warnings, etc.

In this post I take you through the simple steps required to add these to your own WordPress installation and describe how you use them within your own posts.

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