A direct link to your LinkedIn Recommendations

Two short and simple methods to create a URL which will direct someone straight to the recommendations section on your LinkedIn profile. This is useful for highlighting your existing recommendations and at the same time prompting the recipient to leave you a recommendation.

Online photo editing

I recently discovered the excellent online photo editor pixlr.com which provides a powerful, responsive photo editor within your web browser. The interface will be familiar to anyone who has ever used Photoshop -  with full support for multiple layers, retro vintage effects and many  common photo editing tools, such as the paint brush, pencil, dropper,... Continue Reading →

Creating and editing ICO files

Whilst creating this blog I needed to create an ICO file which would serve as the site’s favicon, but unfortunately there aren’t very many general purpose image editors that have the ability to save images in this format. As it’s quite rare that I need to create ICO files I really wanted to find a... Continue Reading →

Search Commands for Microsoft Office

The little known tool Search Commands from Microsoft Labs adds a new tab to Microsoft Office that allows you to find commands and options within the Ribbon interface … very useful when you used to know exactly where it was on the old menu based interface, but just can’t find it anymore. The tab that... Continue Reading →

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