Testing a string for a numeric value

Sometimes it is necessary to determine if a value in a varchar column actually contains a number. The code below gives examples of how to do this. All versions of Oracle The code below created a stored procedure that can be used on all versions of Oracle to test whether a string contains a numeric... Continue Reading →

Manipulating dates in KornShell

Sometimes you need to shift the current date and time by 24 hours, but unfortunately one of the things that KornShell is very poor at is the handling of dates and times. Here are some tips for getting and manipulating dates: Yesterday's date: TEMP_TZ=$TZ TZ=GMT+24 YESTERDAY=`date` TZ=$TEMP_TZ Tomorrow's date: TEMP_TZ=$TZ TZ=GMT-24 TOMORROW=`date` TZ=$TEMP_TZ If you... Continue Reading →

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