Reflect for Evernote – reviewing your notes in bitesize chunks

One of the most powerful features of Evernote is how quickly and easily you can add content to your notebooks. Sometimes however, this is both a blessing and a curse because there is no review process for removing old and outdated notes. Sometimes you come across a note that could do with more context around it as the original reason for writing/clipping it was not recorded at the time.

Well luckily, there is now a nice neat solution for reviewing your notes – meet Reflect :


You simply sign-up and link your Evernote account to the webapp, then create a schedule consisting of what notes to review and you’ll get an email reminder (based on the frequency you set) that you can click through to start each review.

Within the schedule, you can set the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly), the number of notes to review in each session (I suggest 5) and which notebook/tags to use to pick the notes.

During the review process you can add or remove tags, change notebook, etc.


I’m been using Reflect for a couple of weeks now to do the following and I’m finding it extremely useful:

  • Refresh my memory of interesting articles
  • Delete obsolete notes.
  • Find fugly notes which I then assign to my “inbox” notebook for re-work later
  • Remind me of things that perhaps I should be doing or researching (e.g. some Oracle feature, blog idea, holiday destination, etc)

I have experimented with various different schedules, but have settled on 5 notes a day, as that only takes a few moments to do. I’ve found that when I increase this to 10 notes I’m more inclined to think “Oh, I’ll do it later“, which means it sometimes doesn’t get done and then before you know it there is a stack of reminder emails sitting in my inbox!

As this is a responsive web app, you can view it on practically any device – even a device with a small screen such as an iPhone.

Check it out at

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