Unusual ORA-01031: insufficient privileges error

Whilst investigating a user issue today, I came across an unusual occurrence of the “ORA-01031: insufficient privileges” error which was not caused to the usual suspects of missing grants and/or tablespace quota.

The issue was reported us by a user as “Unable to create a table, getting ORA-01031 error”, and as usual the first things to check are that (a) the user has create table privileges and (b) that they have a tablespace quota in which to create the table.

Checking that the user (TAYLORR*) has the necessary privileges:

SYSTEM> select * 
       from dba_sys_privs 
	  where grantee in 
          (select granted_role from dba_role_privs where grantee='TAYLORR') 
      order by 1,2;

GRANTEE                        PRIVILEGE                                ADM
------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 CREATE PROCEDURE                         NO
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 CREATE SYNONYM                           NO
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 CREATE TABLE                             NO
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 CREATE VIEW                              NO
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 UNLIMITED TABLESPACE                     NO
USER_ROLE                      CREATE SESSION                           NO

As we can see above, the user has both CREATE TABLE and UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privileges so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Perhaps the user is attempting to create the table as part of a PL/SQL procedure, and therefore needs the privilege to be granted directly instead of via a role? Let’s login as the user and try to create a test table in SQLplus:

TAYLORR> create table test_table (a number);
create table test_table (a number);
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

OK, so we know it’s not a PL/SQL privilege issue. Perhaps the role is not active by default?

TAYLORR> select * from session_roles;


Ah, now we are getting somewhere. Although we have been granted both roles, only the USER_ROLE is active when we are logged in. Let’s activate it using the SET ROLE command:

TAYLORR> set role developer_role;

set role developer_role
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01979: missing or invalid password for role 'DEVELOPER_ROLE'

Now that was unexpected!

let’s look at the definition of the role:

SYSTEM> select * from dba_roles where role = 'DEVELOPER_ROLE';

------------------------------ -------- -------------------
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 YES      PASSWORD

Now we have identified the root cause. The DEVELOPER_ROLE has been created with a password. As a result, we must specify the password to activate the role and create the table (or alternatively remove the password from the role).

TAYLORR> set role developer_role identified by devops;

Role set.

TAYLORR> create table test_table (a number);

Table created.


Note: For reference, the password could have been removed from the role as follows:

SYSTEM> alter role DEVELOPER_ROLE not identified ;

Role altered.

SYSTEM> select * from dba_roles where role = 'DEVELOPER_ROLE';

ROLE                           PASSWORD AUTHENTICAT
------------------------------ -------- -----------
DEVELOPER_ROLE                 NO       NONE


* Usernames and other details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of my client.

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