Starting a Batch (DOS) file minimized

In my article “How to backup your Evernote notes regularly” I supplied a windows batch file that could be used with the Windows Scheduler to automatically backup your Evernote Notes. In use, however, it soon becomes annoying that the scheduler launches a DOS window to run the script right in the middle of the screen.

The answer to this problem is to specify the command to be used by the Scheduler as follows:

%comspec% /c start “” /min “C:pathtoyourbatchfile.bat”

Note that when you click OK to save the command above you will be warned that you have included arguments in the program text box. You should dismiss the warning by selecting “No” and the command will appear as you specified.

Note: Your batch file must contain an “exit” as the last command in the file, otherwise the minimized command window will not be closed.

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