Creating and editing ICO files

The options are available when saving as an ICO fileWhilst creating this blog I needed to create an ICO file which would serve as the site’s favicon, but unfortunately there aren’t very many general purpose image editors that have the ability to save images in this format.

As it’s quite rare that I need to create ICO files I really wanted to find a free tool to convert regular image files (such as a JPG or PNG file) into ICO files, but actually found something even more useful.

My image editor of choice for creating or manipulating simple images is Paint.Net and so I was delighted to discover the Icon/Cursor Plug-In developed by Evan Olds. This simple plug-in provides the ability to:

  • Load a single image from an existing ICO file for editing.
  • Load all images from an existing ICO file as separate layers for editing.
  • Save multiple resolutions of an image to an ICO file.

Both Paint.NET and the Icon/Cursor Plug-In are completely free of charge.


Visit the Paint.Net website.
Visit the Icon/Cursor Paint.NET Plug-in page on Evan Olds website.

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